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Who We Are
We are a European sustainable fashion & textile agency, focused on innovative services and sustainable practices. We’re your one-stop, full-service partner for all things fashion.
What We Do
We can help you breathe life into your collection. From sourcing to design to quality control, we’re here to provide whatever you may need. Benefit from our experience, expand your horizons, and take your fashion brand to the next level.
Why It Matters
Because people do, and so does the environment. We've made it our priority to be as ethical, sustainable, and eco-friendly as possible. By offering complete transparency, we can help you make sure you’re doing the same, too.

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Whether you are designing your first collection or you are an experienced fashion professional. Our experienced, dedicated design team is here to breathe life into your designs.

Using a blend of experience, creativity, and cutting-edge 3D apparel software services, we can make your designs come alive right before your eyes even as you design them.

Tell us about your project, and see what we can do to help your designs and collections reach new heights of quality and creativity.

European Sustainable Fashion Agency

Let Us Help You Build Your Own Collection

From conception to design to production, we know all there is to know about fashion apparel development. See, we can boast 40+ years of experience in the industry, many successful partnerships, and a yearly production of 12,000,000+ pieces. That’s why we’re always eager to meet new people who share the same vision and love for the world of fashion as we do – people like you – and become their go-to partners in everything fashion!

Ethical. Sustainable. Transparent.

When it comes to fabrics, garments, labor, and production, we are committed to keeping everything as ethical and sustainable as possible.

What’s more, we provide our customers and partners with a unique transparency tool that gives them complete, transparent information about all stages of production.



Always in touch with the needs and values of our customers, we identify as an inclusive fashion agency.

We explore every market and its unique needs and do our best to overcome any difficulty and limitation that would prevent us from fulfilling them. That’s how we stay relevant and flexible.

See some of our recent work in our White Collection category where you can order designs you’re interested in.

See our Modesty, Plus-Size, and Gender-Inclusive collections.


Endless Sourcing Options

When it comes to fashion, the key to a high-quality end product is using equally high-quality certified materials.

After 40+ years in the business, we’ve distilled the sourcing process down to a science.

Words like OEKO-TEX, BCI, GOTS, and ECO VERO are part of our everyday vocabulary. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of sourcing, which is available to you, along with certifications by independent institutes.


Get A Small Taste Of Our Collections

Wondering how one of our garments or collections would work for you?
With our MOQ 25 package you can order a whole collection in one size, or a single garment across all sizes. That way, trying the market is easier than ever.



Got A Question? Ask us.

Still curious about how we can help you create the collection you’ve always dreamed of? You can see what other customers have been asking us, or – even better! – get in touch with us and let us know all about your project!


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