Welcome to Athos Pallas

Athos Pallas is a textile agency, located in Thessaloniki, North Greece. Over 40 years of experience, research and development, have helped us build a strong organization, so we can offer sustainable solutions for your brand.

Our Product Range covers women, men and kids fashion in jersey, woven, woven mix and  knitwear.

We have a genuine passion for fashion. Innovating systems support our business model. By traveling all around the world we have gained inspiration, experience and knowledge that made us achieve valued place in the global market.

Behind our success story, there are committed and dedicated teams, with a great knowledge of the  latest technology, to ensure quality productions, in competitive prices and fast deliveries.

Athos Pallas is enhanced by an exclusive  production chain, making sure that quality is maintained at every step of manufacturing. We proudly represent all products and are strongly committed to full compliance with global human rights and ethical  standards.

It has and will always  be  Athos Pallas’ top priority to provide highest quality to our customers. We strongly believe that reliability, quality and flexibility are the most important elements of our competitive edge.


Athos Pallas Team


85, 17th Noemvriou str,
Thessaloniki, 55534,

Phone: 00302310953453

Email: info@athospallas.gr