Athos Pallas has been a trusted name in the business of exporting and supplying a wide range of jersey products for the last 35 years. These three and a half decades of experience have made us experts in the production of jersey wear and since our launch we have evolved and adapted according to the continuous changes of the fast fashion markets. The quality and performance of our products has given us a distinct and valued place in the market and we have been working in partnership with international brands, supporting them in the development of their designs.

  At Athos we strongly believe that reliability, quality, flexibility and transparency are the most important elements of our competitive edge. We understand the importance of the ethical, fast and reliable delivery of orders; we are able to ship goods within 4-6 weeks from the day of final confirmation, getting the right products into store quickly. Trial order quantities allow our customers to test products in the market, and accommodating these smaller volumes is part of our commitment to supporting our customers. Our manufacturing sources all ethically approved, have been selected to meet these standards; all our production sources are exclusively used by us, and are equipped to produce any jersey garment. We proudly maintain long-standing and trustworthy relationships with our suppliers.

     In the development of product, two main principles drive us; firstly the ability to recreate almost anything designed by the customer, and secondly the continual development of new fabrics, yarns, chemical and mechanical finishes, and trims. In addition to this we are constantly doing our own trend research through international travel, both to trade fairs and on inspirational shop visits. Our designers use the information gathered from these trips to develop new and relevant styles for our customers.



We extensively think about the application and combination of technologies in meaningful ways.
New ideas of products are obtained from constant research of market and street fashion groups.
Our design team focuses on groups, trade shows, cat walks, markets, new techniques, trying to generate new product ideas.

We are focused on answering questions like:

Is it technically feasible to manufacture the product?
Will the customer in the target market benefit from the product?
What is the current or expected competitive pressure for the product?
Will the product be profitable for the customer?
What is the most cost-effective process in producing the product?

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Athos Pallas has acquired expertise in textile production through its own continued research and development.

The quality control it uses, meets all the necessary methods and techniques for ensuring that the product is produced and delivered according to specifications. This includes the development of specifications and standards, performance measures, tracking procedures and corrective actions in order to maintain control.

The data collection and analysis function for quality control involves statistical sampling, estimation of parameters, and construction of various control charts for monitoring the processes in making the products.

All our manufacturing sources and facilities are new, modern and serve multiple tasks. This allows us to manufacture products of high quality, quickly and flexibly whilst adhering to the latest safety and ETHICAL requirements, Athos Pallas’ practice is to control and maintain all stages of production and most important to provide technical support where it is needed.

Furthermore our quality depends on the strong investment we have made on our human capital. Our team consists of qualified professionals who are fully capable and motivated to deal with the everyday demands of the industry. We fully cover the technical aspects of the production process with our highly qualified quality controllers. We develop samples and prototypes as well as assist our clients’ design and print design teams. Our designers travel internationally throughout the seasons, researching markets and covering exhibitions.


Transparency of supply chain information is nowadays a critical reputational and business issue.

Therefore, Athos Pallas LTD has set a goal as a company to offer complete visibility of our supply chain to our customers and for this reason we have created an on line web tool called
where we share every single step of the production exclusively with our customers.

This way our customers know the exact stage and process of the chain and have all the information at hand at any given moment, since our web tool covers all different production stages, i.e. from where an order is subcontracted to what level the compliance standards were met.

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Social Responsibility


Athos Pallas strives to offer customers safe and ethical products that are made in ways that respect the environment and broader society by using International auditors as well as our in house qualified auditor.
Our products are constructed in a supply chain that is ethical audited and audits are refreshed regularly.
The ethical standards we comply to guarantee that all the products we sell comply with the most stringent health and safety standards.
Our production process audit and monitoring methodology is designed to ensure that all our products are made upholding ethical criteria and human, labour and environmental rights. Transparency is the guiding principle for us.
We focus on becoming more GREEN, therefore we urge our clients to use BCI COTTON (click on the links below for more info) and viscose that does not come from endangered forests by using LENZING or BIRLA viscose yarns.

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Athos Pallas ltd is situated just 20 minutes away from «Macedonia airport» which is accessible from all the major European cities. Ideally situated between the Balkans and Turkey, our region in Northern Greece has long been recognized as one of the centers of garment manufacturing in Europe.

Athos Pallas
85, 17th Noemvri Str
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